Tuesday, July 21, 2009

key or bag chain

Thus, after suggestions from friends, I made this needle felt key/bag chain. I made as usual, my sweets--> donut and ice cream cone with a pink flower. They are very very time taken.... to make them so small and to actually make them look like what I want them too... and then chain them together to make the key chain. You can put it on your bag or use as key chain.

Rabbits in the moon

I finally finally... finally made what I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wagashi--> usagi. They are bunny form bean paste mixed with wheat flour and steamed. They are one of the Wagashi that I enjoy ALOT!!!!!

Yes! It's very hard to eat these cute bunnies... all you want is to look at them especially when you have both of them (a white and a pink one). It's almost like they are talking to each other and looking at you with their big bunny eyes. :D

But here they are. No, you can't eat them. Yes, you may play with them. Or you may just put them on your desk and look at them while you get very tired at work... or just day dreaming. :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fruits

One evening, I was looking at the fruits that sitting in the living room.... and I was thinking... fruits...

Thus, here they are: Watermelon, lemon, strawberry, and kiwi fruit.

Again, each of them can come in with cell phone strap or key chain, all you need to do is to let me know which one you like to have cellphone strap/key chain on, and I will add them for you.

If you like them, please visit my store! Thank you! :D

Happy Summer.


Here they are: Onigiri

My friend was talking about "rice ball" and she suggested that I should make some "rice ball". Thus, here they are... two of them. To make life easier, I put a key chain on one of them.

I hope that you will like my work.


More Cupcakes

Hello, it's been couple weeks since I updated anything.

I have been working on new project.... Here they are:

more cupcakes! :D

Again, please visit my store for any purchase. And if you have some special sweets in mind that want to be made, I am happy to take in custom order. Thanks again. :D