Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's the Year of Horse


January 31, 2014 is Chinese New Year.  This year is going to be the Year of Horse.  :D

I heard that the Year of Horse is filled with energy and smart!  Is it true??? :D

To celebrate this year, I present you a little white horse!  He has silly hair-do with bushy tail.  He thinks that he is a wild one because of his hair.  His favor thing to do is to eat and nap.  Does it make him a lazy one?  :P  Oh, and he LOVES sun-bathing.  What are good life he lives. :)

He is about 3in tall and 2.5in long. But I think that his spirit is way beyond his size. :D

"My hair looks good."

"Hey, what are you doing up there?"

"Do you see my bushy tail?"

"I look better with this angle."

"See my wild hair?"

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Hello all, I hope that you all had a good holiday. 

I always love the Winter Wonderland scene.  It may not actually very good idea this Winter for some places.  Lots of places are experience with extreme cold and bad weather.  We all dream of Spring or Summer.  To make it better, I made this Winter Wonderland scene as cake topper.  I always want to make some kind of cake toppers.  I love the Christmas cake where it has Christmas trees, snowman, etc. on top of the cake.

Here it is, I made this Winter Wonderland scene for the cake topper.  This tiny snowman actually took the most time to make.  I had to make it the right size compare to the rest of the scene.  Also, don't forget it's tiny tiny top hat.  That was more difficult than I thought and it did take many tries.  But I think the outcome was pretty good,  right?
The Christmas light on the tree came out pretty good.

I was trying to make a gingerbread house for it.  Does it look like it?

I really enjoyed making this little 3D scenes.  Everything was made individually. Thus, I had to make up the ideas ahead.  But it's a rather fun project. 

What do you think?  Please enjoy and give me some feedback. :D  Thank you~~~~~
A closer view.  

The back side of the scene.  The lake looks kind of funny. :D

A close up.  Snowman does have a carrot nose. :D  His top hat was VERY difficult!  Because of the size of it.  It has to be smaller than the snowman himself.  There were tons of trail and error to make him the right top hat.

Sitting on top of the mini cake.

With the red background, you can see better.

The smoke pops out with the red background.  Someone must be baking some cookies inside the house.  YUMMMMM

The side view

Back view with red background.  It looks pretty good.

I do like the Christmas Trees with snow cover. :D  

Monday, January 13, 2014


Hello all,

It's been awhile again.  I have been off to do other stuff.  But I did have time to do a little felt works.  Will have to take and upload the pictures for you all.

How's your 2014 so far?  I hope that things are doing well.

I know that some places are extreme cold and strange weathers all around.  Please take care.