Friday, June 11, 2010

Fuzz the Sheep

Besides Bunny, my other fav animal is sheep.... I love them when they still have their wool on.... and they look so soft and puff. :D

In fact, one time, I saw a half sheared half wool sheep. hahaha Maybe the farmer was busy with something else???? and forgot his half sheared sheep????

Anyway, This is my little sheep..... with his hay. :P I think that he really likes his hay bale... and won't give up.

Look at my hay! I wonder where is the farmer who suppose to break it up for me... I am hungry.... farmer... farmer... where are you???? Lunch time is here.....

Can't trust the farmer.... Let me break it myself. Look! I am stepping on it "break break"

nothing happened.... no lunch. :(
farmer is not here to break the hay for me...

The sheep is about 3 inches tall and 4 inches long. The hay is also in app. dimension as a real one would be. it's about 19mmx24mmx48mm.

The greenland was also needle felted on top of a formed foam. That gives enough sturdiness to handle around and play with. The greenland is very soft with layers of wool wrapped around the foam.

I really like this little sheep. He is very cute. :D

Please come back for more projects later.

I am thinking to have a small video about how to make that bale of hay... what do you think?

Thanks for coming!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Treats


I know that it's been awhile..... since I updated anything here.

After months of struggling with my personal situation, I finally able to have a small up-to-dated blog about my sweets.

Finally, summer is here... and what is the best to have some ice cream pops and lolly pops to cool down with the hot summer.

Summer treats are here!!!!!!!!

Everyone is here for a picture! As you can see, I put the plastic cover on the orange cream lolly pop.... I love orange cream!!!!! :D :D

I put plastic cover for the lolly pop. This is how they sell it at candy store. Yummm

Ice cream pop is always my fav. I love orange cream pop. yummmm I want one right now....

The plastic bag is trying to make it look more realistic and also to protect the ice cream pops. haha. For the chocolate fudge, my friend wants me to make him one. :D ha ha For the strawberry swirls, I always want to make one just to make the swirls feelings to it. The easy and careless swirls.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Go Bananas

It's been a while to do any up-dated. But I finally got everything I need to do this up-dated. :D I really hope that you will like it.

It's banana time. :D Of course, who loves banana the most???? YES! Little monkey!!!! :D

For my best friend's twin sons 1st birthday, she wanted to create a jungle theme for the birthday party. Jungle --> monkeys and bananas!!!!! Those little bananas took me lots of time to make, as you can see, each banana is different. None of them is the same. I don't think that you can actually purchase any banana looks the same, can you???? For the monkeys, they took me even longer to make. Each of their body part was made separately and then put them all together. However, for the monkeys, I did want to make them look the same. It's hard!!! :P

Finally, they all need to be sitting on the cupcakes. To make them more pop, I put some whipped cream on top of the cupcake and then put the bananas and the monkeys on top. The idea look easy... but to firmly put the monkey on top, it's not easy. But I made it. :D To give out more color, I made chocolate and plain cupcakes with creamy frosting. yummmmm :D

I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them. Again, if you have any great ideas or suggestions about any felts, please leave me any comment! I love ideas. :D XOXO

Happy Monkeys with bananas!!! :D

On top of cupcakes?

Twin monkeys!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heart Shape Cake Topper

Have been thinking to do something fun and romantic.

So.... Heart Shape Cake Topper!

As you can see, The heart is bigger than a Quarter.
It is sitting on top of the color toothpick.

The color of the toothpick can be changed and of course, the heart shape can have different colors too. :D

If you are interested for this little cake topper for Valentines' Day or special days for your special person, please feel free to contact me or visit my Etsy.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rilakkuma latte and cupcake

Hello all,

Haven't posted anything new for awhile. Many things had happened. And I am still feeling very sick and in pain. There is not as much mood to post anything.

However, I still want to post these 2 pieces I made awhile back. If you have follow this blog, you should have seen that earlier. They are the Rilakkuma latte and cupcake.

I made these 2 pieces based on the Rilakkuma cafe series. Well, of course, there should be the famous Rilakkuma chocolate frosted donut. For that one, it will be posted later.

For now, please enjoy the latte and cupcake. I hope that you all will enjoy these as much as Rilakkuma himself. :D