Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rilakkuma pudding giveaway

Hello all,

To celebrate this Holiday and to make Rilakkuma happy.... I am giving away these two puddings that I made for Rilakkuma.

All you need to do is to post your comment here indicating that you are interested in the puddings. And please indicate if you are interested in the big one or the small one. The one with Rilakkuma is the big size one. If more than 2 people are interested in them, I will have to draw names.

I am planning to draw names at Christmas since this is a special Christmas gift for Rilakkuma.

Please tell your Rilakkuma friends and let them know about this. And please join the sweetfelts fan group at Facebook!

Also for future special, please be one of the followers. :D Who know what's in the near future. :D


P.S. These puddings are brand new. Newly made. Only took pictures with my Rilakkuma. They are not used or old.
Reason for giving away: just to make Rilakkuma and his fans happy for this Holiday. I love my Rilakkuma and always want to make him happy. Thus, if you have a Rilakkuma or a fan, please come in and have a give away party. :D XOXO

Rilakkuma's toys

Hello All,

It's been awhile since I updated anything. It's been a long story behind... Anyway, I have this little project that's been going on for awhile.

This is Rilakkuma's project:

I decided to make some toys and sweets for Rilakkuma based on San-X information. As tons of pictures and comic regarding to Rilakkuma's daily life...

If you are interested, you should visit this page every week. As this is Rilakkuma's weekly comic and it's all about his daily life and his friends. Sometimes, he just does nothing but roll around with his pillow. But it seems that this week... he is having a cold.... tons of tissues been used up. :D I think that sweet alone cannot give him very good health. :D

So far, I have been working on the puddings that you can see rather often with Rilakkuma (he loves puddings!!!) And I also have this little mouse and this little penguin that KoRilakkuma loves. There's been many pictures or drawings that Korilakkum carries them around. The little heart works prefect with this little mouse. (is it a mouse? I always think it is a mouse. But a friend of mine said "it is a pig." Anyone?????)

Please enjoy this. And leave me any comments.