Friday, June 19, 2009

half a dozen --> preview!

Here it is.. my half a dozen of donuts is here... woooooooooooo

There are 6 different kinds of donuts.. just like the one that you would get from donut shop.. ha ha ha

I also made that box to put them in... then I found out that making that box actually is more difficult than making the donuts..

The pictures are not great. I just kinda need to take the pictures... and see how it is... so here it is --> half a dozen!!! :D


  1. Hey i know you don't really *bake* these, but they're are still cookies that you created! I figured you might want to check out a feature I put together on cookie jar collecting. These ladies have some pretty cute collections. Check them out here

  2. What a FANTASTIC idea!! and I love the wee box you've put them in! well done you!

  3. Hello Jenn,

    That really is a cool collection. Thank you!

  4. Hello Nu,

    Thank you once again. :D