Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring is here! Animals united!

Hello All,

I have been busy with Spring baking and cooking.  After all the craziest, I finally got to take some pictures for my latest project.

It's animal time.  I never really worked on animals before except my Fuzzy the Sheep.  This time, I really tried to get the "detail" of the animals.

They are equipped with headphone dust plug which it can put in the headphone jack on mobile devices.

I love the Otter the most.  Do you see the oyster on his chest?  He just found his yummy food.  He looks rather happy.

Little penguin and chick are both adorable.

Would you like to take them home?

More Spring project is coming up.  Just need more time to make them "perfect".

Dancing penguin and chick!
Line dancing!
That's my oyster!

Being picked up! But the oyster still mine!
I am equipped with headphone dust jack!  Now I can go wherever you go!

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