Thursday, November 27, 2014

Long Hair Hamster

Hello all,

I have been a hamster adopter for a long time.  I adopt hamsters from shelters and give them a
Is that my bowl of treats?

forever home.  They are fun to watch and play with.  My most recent addition is a long hair hamster.  I never saw a guy with such a long silky fuzzy/messy hair.  He is so soft and very sweet.  He never bite me.  He responses to his name and love to interact with me. :D

He inspired me to make a needle felt of him.  :D

Look, how fuzzy I am!!!!

Hello~~~~ I am the brother of that guy on the above picture.  But I am cuter.... softer.... silkier... than him. :P

I love pumpkin seeds and nuts.  I also like fresh lettuces.

Sometimes, people think that I am a mop.  But I am NOT.   Am I handsome or what?  :D