Tuesday, October 13, 2009

VooDoo doughnut


I have been watching too much travel channel... and they always go to the most fun place to eat.... eat... and eat more. I want to do the same... but well... I am not Adam or Tony... or Andrew (BTW, they are all my favour TV programs!!!!) And BTW, no... I like Andrew but I am not that into eating bizarre foods... Sorry Andrew.

But Adam and Tony both went to this place in Portland, OR USA..... this doughnut store that has all these crazy fun donuts. Maple Bacon donut.... I mean.... hmmm I am more into the real sweet sweet super sweet stuff more....

Yes, they went to VooDoo Doughnut in Portland, OR. so I haven't made my trip over there yet..... but trust me... I will and I will sure to stay at that doughnut store for hours just to taste every single donuts that they have.

But before that... I have made myself this VooDoo douhnut... just to keep my mind that I need to work hard to save up money to go to Porland to have lots of donuts.

Now... so far I want to keep it... but my freinds said.. I should put it on Etsy... but I am not so sure how much I want to charge this little guy.. just that he is so cute... and I did use lots of time to make him....

O, I meant to put that napkin there.. :P so it feels more donut. ha ha ha
hope that you like this little guy.

BTW, if you want to give suggestion how much I should sell this little guy, please drop a note. or if you are interested in him, please make an offer.

O! and do you see his raspberry filled belly??? or butt in this case :P

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