Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Treats


I know that it's been awhile..... since I updated anything here.

After months of struggling with my personal situation, I finally able to have a small up-to-dated blog about my sweets.

Finally, summer is here... and what is the best to have some ice cream pops and lolly pops to cool down with the hot summer.

Summer treats are here!!!!!!!!

Everyone is here for a picture! As you can see, I put the plastic cover on the orange cream lolly pop.... I love orange cream!!!!! :D :D

I put plastic cover for the lolly pop. This is how they sell it at candy store. Yummm

Ice cream pop is always my fav. I love orange cream pop. yummmm I want one right now....

The plastic bag is trying to make it look more realistic and also to protect the ice cream pops. haha. For the chocolate fudge, my friend wants me to make him one. :D ha ha For the strawberry swirls, I always want to make one just to make the swirls feelings to it. The easy and careless swirls.

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